Purina ONE True Instinct Tender Cuts Variety Pack Wet Dog Food – Wholesome Nutrition and Delightful Flavors


  • Natural dog food recipes with added vitamins, minerals and nutrients to support his overall health and wellness
  • Made with real poultry and other high-quality sources of protein to support strong muscles
  • Canned wet dog food provides 100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult dogs
  • Two flavorful recipes in this wet dog food variety pack
  • With real turkey and venison

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Elevate Your Dog’s Dining Experience with Purina ONE True Instinct Tender Cuts Variety Pack Wet Dog Food”

Treat your four-legged companion to a delectable dining experience with our Purina ONE True Instinct Tender Cuts Variety Pack. This assortment is designed to tantalize your dog’s taste buds and provide wholesome nutrition. The pack includes two delightful recipes – Turkey & Venison and Chicken & Duck.

At Purina ONE, we prioritize your pet’s health. Our recipes are crafted without poultry by-products, artificial flavors, or preservatives. Instead, they feature real poultry and other high-quality ingredients that you can trust. These nutrient-dense formulas are enhanced with added vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to bolster your dog’s immune system, promote a lustrous coat, and provide lasting energy. These recipes offer 100% complete and balanced nutrition, supporting the lifelong well-being of adult dogs.

Purina ONE True Instincts Natural Canned Wet Dog Food boasts a tender, meaty texture that your dog will relish. A rich gravy complements each mouthwatering meal, adding extra flavor and moisture. Each Variety Pack includes a total of 24 generous 13 oz. cans, with 12 of each recipe. You can rotate between these two entrees to introduce variety into your dog’s daily diet and show your furry friend how much you care about their health and happiness with every delicious bite.

Elevate mealtime for your beloved companion with Purina ONE True Instinct Tender Cuts Variety Pack, because your dog deserves the very best.


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