Minties Dental Dog Treats: Fresh Breath & Healthy Teeth for All Dogs


  • Minties for dogs are veterinarian-grade dental treats
  • Daily oral care with a total of 5 natural breath fresheners
  • Triple Action Formula that helps give your dog a healthy mouth and kissable fresh breath
  • Easily digestible & wheat-free

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Introducing Minties Dental Dog Treats – Your Solution for Fresher Breath and Healthier Teeth!

Are you in search of a tasty treat to pamper your four-legged companion while simultaneously combating bad breath and promoting optimal oral health? Look no further than Minties Dental Dog Treats! These delightful mint-flavored dental chews, available in a pack of 40, are designed to be a game-changer for your medium to large dogs.

How Do Minties Dental Dog Treats Banish Bad Breath?

Minties Dental Dog Treats go the extra mile when it comes to tackling your furry friend’s unpleasant breath. These dental chews are powered by not one, but a total of five all-natural breath fresheners. The innovative formula also aids in controlling tartar and plaque buildup, ensuring your pet’s dental well-being. Every time your dog sinks their teeth into one of these treats, they’re giving their oral health a helping hand.

Perfect for All Dogs, Regardless of Breed, Size, or Age!

Minties for dogs are the universal solution to oral health. It doesn’t matter if your canine companion is big or small, young or old – Minties Dental Dog Treats are formulated to benefit all dogs equally. The irresistible fresh mint flavor ensures that most dogs find these dental chews utterly irresistible. No more wrestling with toothbrushes; your dog will be begging for more Minties!

Veterinarian Recommended Dental Care

Minties Dental Dog Treats come highly recommended by veterinarians. These dental chews provide a triple-action approach to dental care by not only cleaning your dog’s teeth but also reducing the formation of plaque and tartar. Say goodbye to soy, wheat, or corn-based ingredients – Minties are thoughtfully crafted with your pet’s health in mind. Plus, with 40 chews in a box, they’re a pocket-friendly option to safeguard your furry friend’s dental hygiene.

Keep your dog’s smile in mint condition with Minties Dental Dog Treats! Say goodbye to bad breath and hello to a happier, healthier pet. Choose Minties for dogs, the smart choice for every dog owner!

For more insights and Minties dog treats reviews, explore our wide range of dog dental chews and dog dental treats. Your dog deserves the best, and Minties is here to deliver it.





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