Snif-Snax: Handcrafted Sustainably Sourced Dog Treats for Flavor and Nutrition


  • All-natural chicken
  • Rich in protein
  • 100% human-grade
  • No antibiotics

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Experience the Exceptional with Snif-Snax: Handcrafted, Sustainably Sourced Dog Treats

Discover the epitome of quality with Snif-Snax, where every treat is meticulously crafted by hand in small batches. Our treats are a testament to our commitment to using sustainably sourced chicken meat and all-natural, non-GMO ingredients. We take pride in what’s not in our treats too – absolutely no corn, wheat, soy, or antibiotics.

Meet Our Expert Founder, Jonathan Brown: With over 35 years of expertise in the dog treat industry, Jonathan brings unparalleled knowledge and passion to Snif-Snax. Our treats are dried using time-honored techniques, the same ones used to create globally renowned human food products. We firmly believe that if it doesn’t meet our high standards, it certainly doesn’t belong in our pets’ bowls.

Why Choose Snif-Snax? Snif-Snax treats are not just treats; they’re a celebration of flavor and nutrition. Packed with rich proteins and bursting with deliciousness, our treats are not only irresistible to your furry friend but also a wholesome addition to their diet. We believe that our pets deserve the best, which is why we uphold the highest standards in our crafting process.

Explore Our Varieties:

  • Snif-Snax Chicken Jerky: A savory delight made from the finest chicken.
  • Snif-Snax Smoked Chicken Breast: Indulge your pet in the aroma of perfectly smoked chicken.
  • Can Dogs Eat Smoked Chicken? Absolutely! Snif-Snax brings this gourmet experience to your canine companion.

Where to Find Snif-Snax: Experience the Snif-Snax difference by trying our treats today. Your entire family, including your furry friend, will love the burst of flavor in every bite. Visit your nearest store or trusted online retailer to bring home Snif-Snax – the treats your pet deserves.



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