Ziploc Easy-Open Tabs Freezer Quart Bags with New Stay Open Design | 216 ct.


Ziploc Storage Quart Bags with Stand-Up Bottom make food storage a breeze! Easy to fill, stand upright, and keep food fresh with Grip ‘n Seal Technology. Perfect for everyday use, freezing, and more. BPA-free & recyclable.

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Say goodbye to messy spills and frustratingly floppy bags! Ziploc Storage Quart Bags with Stand-Up Bottom are the ultimate solution for convenient and organized food storage. The innovative stand-up bottom makes filling and storing food easier than ever, while the Grip ‘n Seal Technology ensures a secure closure that keeps food fresh. These versatile bags are perfect for everything from everyday meal prep to packing lunches and freezing leftovers.

Key Features:

  • Patented stand-up bottom: Makes filling and storing food a breeze. No more struggling to keep bags upright!
  • Grip ‘n Seal Technology: Triple-system seal with extended tabs, easy-grip texture, and double zipper for secure closure and freshness.
  • Versatile: Perfect for storing and freezing a wide variety of food items, from vegetables and sandwiches to meats, soups, and liquids.
  • Microwave-safe: Conveniently defrost or reheat food (place on a microwave-safe dish and avoid overheating).
  • BPA-free: Made with safety in mind, meeting FDA requirements.
  • Recyclable: Clean and dry bags can be recycled, along with the paperboard box.


  • Q: Are Ziploc Easy Open Tabs Freezer Quart Bags Recyclable?
  • A: Yes, Ziploc gallon bags are conveniently recyclable when clean and dry. The paperboard box is also recyclable.
  • Q: What Is The Difference Between Ziploc Storage Bags and Ziploc Freezer Bags?
  • A: Ziploc Freezer Bags are thicker for long-term storage, while Storage Bags are ideal for everyday use.





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