Luvs Pro Level Leak Protection Diapers | Size 3 | 234 ct. | 16-28 lbs.


Luvs Pro Level Leak Protection Diapers in Size 3 offer exceptional comfort and leak protection for babies weighing 16-28 lbs. With 234 diapers in the pack, these diapers feature a contoured shape, secure tabs, and triple leakguards for added protection. Luvs is a trusted brand providing affordable yet high-quality diaper solutions for families.

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Provide your little one with exceptional comfort and protection with Luvs Pro Level Leak Protection Diapers in Size 3. Tailored for babies weighing between 16-28 lbs., this one-month supply pack of 234 diapers ensures your baby stays dry and happy. Luvs diapers feature a Pro Level Leak Protection design with three layers of absorbency, a contoured shape, and secure tabs, allowing your baby to move freely while staying dry and protected from leaks.

Key Features:

  1. Pro Level Leak Protection: Luvs diapers are equipped with Pro Level Leak Protection, featuring three layers of absorbency to keep your baby dry and prevent leaks.
  2. Size 3: Specifically designed for babies weighing between 16-28 lbs., Size 3 Luvs diapers offer optimal protection for babies in this weight range.
  3. Triple Leakguards: Luvs diapers feature triple leakguards around the legs, helping prevent leaks and providing additional protection.
  4. Contoured Shape: The contoured shape of Luvs diapers ensures a snug fit, allowing your baby to move comfortably while staying protected.
  5. Secure Tabs: Luvs diapers come with secure tabs that fasten securely, providing a reliable closure to keep the diaper in place.

About the Brand:

Luvs is a well-known brand committed to providing affordable yet high-quality diapers for families. With a focus on leak protection and comfort, Luvs has been a trusted choice for parents looking for dependable diaper solutions.


Q: Can Luvs Size 3 be used overnight? A: Yes, Luvs diapers are designed for both daytime and overnight use, providing reliable leak protection for your baby.

Q: How often should I change Size 3 diapers? A: Diaper change frequency varies, but as a general guideline, it’s recommended to change diapers every 3-5 hours or as soon as they are wet or soiled.

Q: Are Luvs diapers fragrance-free? A: Yes, Luvs diapers are fragrance-free, making them suitable for babies with sensitive skin.




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