Goodnites Nighttime Bedwetting Underwear for Girls | Size L | 58 ct. | 68 – 95 lbs.

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Goodnites Nighttime Bedwetting Underwear for Girls in Size L provides discreet and effective overnight protection for growing girls weighing 68 – 95 lbs. With a pack of 58, these nighttime essentials feature cute designs, ensuring a comfortable and worry-free sleep experience. Trust Goodnites, a leading brand, for effective solutions to bedwetting challenges.

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Help your growing child stay confident and dry through the night with Goodnites Nighttime Bedwetting Underwear for Girls in Size L. This substantial pack includes 58 nighttime underwear designed specifically for girls in the weight range of 68 – 95 lbs. Goodnites provide discreet and effective overnight protection, featuring a comfortable fit and absorbent layers to manage bedwetting incidents. With cute designs that girls will love, these nighttime essentials ensure a peaceful and worry-free sleep experience for both parents and children.

Key Features:

  1. Bedwetting Underwear for Girls: Goodnites are crafted to discreetly and effectively handle bedwetting incidents during the night.
  2. Size L: Specifically designed for girls weighing 68 – 95 lbs., these nighttime underwear offer a secure and comfortable fit for growing children.
  3. 58 Nighttime Underwear: The pack includes 58 pieces, providing a reliable supply for your child’s nighttime needs.
  4. Absorbent Layers: Goodnites feature absorbent layers that effectively capture and lock away moisture to keep your child dry.
  5. Cute Designs: Girls will enjoy the cute and appealing designs, making bedtime routines more enjoyable.

About the Brand:

Goodnites is a trusted brand committed to providing reliable solutions for nighttime bedwetting. With a focus on comfort and effectiveness, Goodnites helps children and parents navigate the challenges of bedwetting with confidence.


Q: Can Goodnites be used for girls who are heavy wetters? A: Yes, Goodnites are designed to handle moderate to heavy wetting, offering effective overnight protection.

Q: Are Goodnites suitable for older children? A: Goodnites are designed for children and pre-teens experiencing bedwetting. For older individuals, consider other adult incontinence products.

Q: How do I dispose of Goodnites? A: Dispose of used Goodnites in a diaper pail or waste bin. They are not flushable.






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