Downy Unstopables In-Wash Scent Booster Beads, Fresh| 34 oz.

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Unleash weeks of vibrant freshness with Downy Unstopables FRESH In-Wash Scent Booster Beads. Shake in custom levels of bright, airy fragrance that lasts. HE & TL compatible, safe for all fabrics. Elevate your laundry routine today!

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Ditch the dull and unleash weeks of vibrant, long-lasting freshness with Downy Unstopables FRESH In-Wash Scent Booster Beads. These tiny powerhouses pop into your washer before clothes, detergent, and softener, releasing bursts of bright, airy fragrance with every wear. Shake in as little or as much as you like for a custom freshness level that lasts!

Key Features:

Weeks of Long-Lasting Freshness: Infuse your laundry with irresistible scent that keeps going strong, even after storage and wear.
Vibrant FRESH Scent: Experience a bright, airy blend that elevates your everyday and leaves clothes smelling delightful.
Customizable Fragrance: Shake in the perfect amount to match your mood and preference. Less is subtle, more is a burst of sunshine!
HE & TL Compatible: Works in all washing machines, so everyone can enjoy the Unstopables difference.
Safe for Colors & Fabrics: Gentle on all your favorites, from delicates to towels.
Long-Lasting Beads: No sticky residue or mess, just pure fragrance power.


How much should I use?

The amount is up to you! Start with a few beads for a light scent and increase for a bolder boost.
Can I use it with detergent and softener?

Absolutely! Unstopables work alongside your regular laundry routine for even more amazing results.
Will it stain my clothes?

Nope! Unstopables beads are designed to be gentle on all fabrics and colors.
Does it work in HE machines?

Yes! Unstopables are HE compatible and safe for all washing machines.




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