Bounce Lasting Fresh Mega Dryer Sheets 50 Count Outdoor Fresh & Clean


  • FRESHNESS THAT LASTS FROM DRYER TO DRAWER. Long-lasting dryer freshness, with Bounce Lasting Fresh dryer sheets
  • FOR DRYER-SAFE FABRICS. Bounce can be used on a range of fabrics.
  • 3X WRINKLE FIGHTING POWER* vs leading dryer sheet.
  • 4-IN-1 BENEFITS. Long-lasting freshness, reduces static, fight wrinkles, soften fabrics.
  • 40 DAYS OF FRESHNESS from wash until wear.
  • 50 count
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Wouldn’t you love if your clothes could keep that fresh from the dryer feeling for longer? With Bounce LastingFresh Mega Dryer Sheets, 50 count, they can! From the time you take your clothes out of the dryer til the time you take them out of the drawer, that long lasting freshness will be there for you to enjoy! Just toss one Bounce LastingFresh dryer sheet into your dryer for 40 days of freshness you quite simply can’t get with regular dryer sheets. That’s because Bounce Mega Sheets are bigger, which means each dryer sheet is able to hold 3X the freshness ingredients* compared to the leading dryer sheet. Imagine the outdoor fresh, clean scent that Bounce is famous for, lasting from the time you do your laundry, til you take your clothes out of the drawer. Not only that, like all Bounce sheets, our LastingFresh Mega sheets help fabrics come out of the dryer with less static cling, looking less wrinkly and softer to touch, so you can look and feel your best. Try them once and you’ll want to make Bounce LastingFresh dryer sheets your go-to 4-in-1 solution for all your dryer-safe fabrics. Feeling Fresh starts in the Dryer, with Bounce LastingFresh Mega Dryer Sheets! Directions: Just use 1 Bounce LastingFresh Mega Sheet per normal dryer load. Enjoy long-lasting freshness in fabrics, as well as less wrinkles, static and extra softness with an outdoor fresh and clean scent that smells great from the dryer and lasts when you go to smell it from the drawer.



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