Starbucks K-Cup Coffee Pods | French Roast | 72 ct.


  • 72-count K-Cup pod box of French Roast dark roast coffee
  • Intense and smoky, the pure, explosive flavor of French Roast
  • Crafted with the same 100% arabica beans we brew in our cafés
  • Make it your own by adding milk, cream, syrup, etc.
  • Stock up and never miss a cup


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Experience Starbucks Dark French Roast: Intensely Flavorful and Ethically Sourced”

As the coffee beans tumble and glisten with oil, an experienced master roaster carefully observes, knowing that even an extra second could lead to flames. White smoke gives way to the transformation of the beans, turning them into a deep ebony hue. This is French Roast, and it doesn’t get darker than this. Straightforward, light-bodied, with minimal acidity, it has been a beloved choice since 1971, celebrated for its bold smokiness.

Our Commitment to Quality At Starbucks, we exclusively source 100% Arabica beans for our coffee. Each bean undergoes a meticulous roasting process, carefully calibrated to unlock its unique aroma, acidity, body, and flavor profile. Our French Roast combines beans from diverse regions, including Latin America and Asia-Pacific, resulting in an exceptional blend of flavors.

The Starbucks Difference We take pride in merging sustainability and ethical sourcing to create a continuous supply of premium coffee while positively impacting the lives of coffee farmers and their communities. Starbucks sources beans from over 30 coffee-producing countries within the “Coffee Belt” and adheres to rigorous guidelines to ensure ethical and responsible sourcing.

Embrace the exceptional taste and ethical sourcing of Starbucks Dark French Roast coffee. Whether you seek Starbucks French Roast K-Cups, pods, or coffee in any form, you’re indulging in the result of our unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability.



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