Pup-Peroni Original Beef Flavor Dog Treats – 46 oz Bag


  • Soft & chewy Pup-Peroni dog treats with a mouthwatering aroma dogs love
  • Real beef is the number one ingredient
  • No FD&C colors, including no Red 40

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Elevate your furry companion’s taste experience with Pup-Peroni’s Original Beef Flavor dog treats. These delectable treats are tailor-made to indulge your pet’s cravings, making it the ideal way to express your affection. Crafted to be irresistibly tender and chewy, Pup-Peroni’s Beef Flavor dog treats are bursting with rich, big beefy goodness. Plus, they are meticulously prepared with real beef as their primary ingredient, ensuring a mouthwatering aroma that dogs adore. Whether you have a large breed or a small one, the soft texture allows for effortless portioning, making them perfect for training or simply savoring a special moment.

What sets these treats apart? Pup-Peroni ensures these snacks are free from any fillers and artificial FD&C colors, including Red 40. This guarantees that your beloved pet receives the wholesome indulgence they truly deserve. With a generous 46 oz bag, you can easily secure your place as your dog’s best friend, and keep it that way.

These treats are not only a delicious way to reinforce good behavior, but also an excellent choice just to show your pup some love. Pup-Peroni Original Beef Flavor dog treats promise the tantalizing beefy taste and an irresistible aroma your pet craves. Reward your loyal companion with a delightful treat, and feel confident that you’re making a healthy choice for their well-being. Choose Pup-Peroni, the #1 choice in 46 oz beefy dog treats.



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