Member’s Mark Single Serve Coffee Cups | French Roast | 100 ct


  • Member’s Mark French Roast Coffee, Single-Serve Cups (100 ct.)
  • 100-count box of single-serve coffee cups
  • Made with real Arabica beans
  • Sourced from farms in Colombia
  • Compatible with all single-serve brewing machines
  • Fair Trade Certified


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Discover the Bold Flavor of Member’s Mark™ French Roast Coffee”

Start your day with a burst of flavor by brewing Member’s Mark™ French Roast Coffee, renowned for its rich, robust taste. Each box contains 100 single-serve cups crafted from 100% Arabica coffee, making them compatible with all single-serve brewing machines. Whether you enjoy it with muffins, croissants, or biscuits, Member’s Mark™ French Roast Coffee pairs perfectly with your morning breakfast.

Our Sourcing Story Our commitment to quality extends beyond the cup. Member’s Mark coffee is sourced from cooperatives in Colombia, with a focus on supporting local farmers and growers, particularly the Coopertiva de los Andes. Your purchase helps provide a livelihood for these farmers, supports their families, and contributes to community development. Notably, Coopertiva de los Andes has invested $25,829 in education and scholarships, benefiting 185 individuals and ensuring a brighter future for generations.

Making a Difference with Fair Trade When you choose Fair Trade Certified™ coffee, you empower farmers and workers to build sustainable livelihoods, safer working conditions, and stronger communities. With over $3.5 million invested, our commitment to Fair Trade goes beyond just coffee—it’s about creating positive, lasting change.

Get Creative with Coffee Grounds Did you know that Member’s Mark Fair Trade Certified™ coffee grounds have versatile uses beyond brewing? Here are three innovative ways to repurpose used coffee grounds:

  1. Neutralize Odors: Coffee’s nitrogen content effectively eliminates unpleasant smells. Leave an open container of dried coffee grounds around to freshen the air or create sachets for your home or car. They’re also handy for removing strong food odors from your hands.

  2. Exfoliate Your Skin: Combine coffee grounds with sugar and your preferred oil to create a natural exfoliant. Gently scrub your damp skin with the mixture and rinse for smoother skin.

  3. Clean Stubborn Surfaces: The gritty texture of coffee grounds makes them excellent for tackling grease, stains, and stuck-on residue on pots, pans, gardening tools, or grill grates.

Give Member’s Mark™ French Roast Coffee a try and savor the bold, satisfying taste that will elevate your morning routine.


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