Green Mountain Coffee K-Cup Pods, Breakfast Blend | 100 ct

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  • Clean and bright, with balanced sweetness
  • Light roast, caffeinated coffee, 100% Arabica beans
  • Orthodox Union Kosher



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Welcome to the heart of coffee bliss, where Green Mountain Coffee Roasters found its roots. Nestled amidst these inspiring peaks, our adventurous spirit took flight, and our commitment to nurturing the land through sustainably sourced coffee was born. At Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, we are on a mission to enrich your mornings with a superior cup of coffee that’s not only bold and delightful but also environmentally responsible. Join us in embracing the spirit of the mountains; grab a cup and set forth on your day.

Eye-Opening and Delightful Coffee: Our coffee is a revelation, as exquisite as the dawn itself. Immerse yourself in the clean and bright flavors, balanced sweetness, and nutty undertones, all wrapped in a silky mouthfeel. Crafted with 100% Arabica coffee beans, every sip is a journey to perfection. Our single-serve K-Cup pods are compatible with all Keurig K-Cup Pod Single-Serve Coffee Makers, ensuring convenience and consistency. Each K-Cup pod contains the freshest ground coffee, guaranteeing a consistently great-tasting cup of coffee, every time. And rest assured, our coffee is Certified Orthodox Union Kosher, ensuring quality and adherence to our values.

Embrace Responsibly Sourced Coffee: What does it mean when we say we offer 100% responsibly sourced coffee? It means that every bean we purchase is grown and sold in accordance with a credible sourcing program that aligns with our stringent Responsible Sourcing Guidelines. At Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, we take our commitment to sustainability seriously, so you can enjoy your coffee with a clear conscience.

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Elevate your morning routine with Green Mountain Coffee and savor the rich taste of responsible, sustainably sourced coffee. Start your day right with a cup of perfection brewed from the heart of the mountains.


Green Mountain Coffee

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