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Weller Lead-Free Soldering Kit

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  • Soldering Iron
  • Three 5mm high-temperature, long-life LEDs at 25 lumens/ft.
  • for superior soldering accuracy and application illumination
  • Co-molded, soft-grip ribbed handle design for maximum comfort and reduced slippage
  • Triangular area for maximum of tip control and round handle for ease of tip rotation
  • High-performance, stainless steel heater technology with heat up to 750 degrees F
  • Cord strain relief for extended life
  • Carded
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Soldering Iron: The kit typically includes a high-quality soldering iron with a comfortable handle and a heating element. The iron heats up quickly and maintains a stable temperature throughout your soldering work.

Soldering Tips: Different soldering tips are provided to suit various soldering tasks. These tips are interchangeable and can be easily attached or detached from the soldering iron. Common tip shapes include conical, chisel, and bevel.

Solder: The kit usually includes lead-free solder, which is a safer alternative to traditional lead-based solder. Lead-free solder is designed to meet environmental regulations and is commonly used in electronic applications.

Soldering Stand: A soldering stand or holder is provided to keep the soldering iron in place when not in use. The stand typically has a heat-resistant base and a holder to secure the iron while it cools down.

Soldering Sponge: A sponge or cleaning pad is included to clean the soldering tip during use. It helps remove excess solder, oxidation, and other contaminants, ensuring good soldering results.

Desoldering Pump or Wick: To remove excess solder or correct mistakes, a desoldering pump or desoldering wick may be included. These tools help in the removal of solder from joints and components.

Safety Accessories: Depending on the specific kit, safety accessories such as safety glasses or a soldering fume extractor might be included. These accessories protect your eyes and lungs from soldering fumes and potential hazards.

Carrying Case: Some kits come with a carrying case or storage box to keep all the components organized and easily transportable. This feature is especially useful for professionals or those who frequently move their soldering tools.

About Brand

Apex Tool Group is a multinational tool manufacturing company that produces a wide range of hand tools, power tools, and industrial tools. The company was formed in 2010 as a joint venture between Danaher Corporation and Cooper Industries. In 2013, Danaher Corporation acquired Cooper Industries’ stake, becoming the sole owner of Apex Tool Group.

Apex Tool Group has a rich history and heritage that dates back to the late 1800s. It brings together the expertise and product lines of well-established tool brands, including Weller, Crescent, GearWrench, Wiss, Lufkin, and many others. These brands have a reputation for producing high-quality tools and have been trusted by professionals and DIY enthusiasts for decades.

Why Weller Lead-Free Soldering Kit

Environmental Regulations: Lead is a toxic substance, and its use in consumer products, including solder, has been restricted or banned in many countries due to environmental and health concerns. Lead-free solder is designed to comply with these regulations and provide a safer alternative.

RoHS Compliance: The Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive restricts the use of certain hazardous substances, including lead, in electrical and electronic equipment. Lead-free solder is a key component in meeting RoHS compliance requirements.

Improved Safety: Lead-free solder eliminates the risk of lead exposure during soldering, which is particularly important for professionals and hobbyists who frequently handle soldering materials. By using lead-free solder, you can reduce health hazards associated with lead exposure.

High Quality and Reliability: Lead-free solder has improved over the years, with manufacturers developing formulations that offer comparable or even better performance than traditional lead-based solder. The Weller Lead-Free Soldering Kit includes high-quality solder and soldering tips designed for efficient and reliable soldering results.

Industry Standards: Many industries, such as electronics, automotive, aerospace, and medical devices, have adopted lead-free soldering as a standard practice. Using the Weller Lead-Free Soldering Kit ensures that you can meet industry requirements and solder to the highest quality standards.

Compatibility: The Weller Lead-Free Soldering Kit is designed to work specifically with lead-free solder. The included soldering iron and tips are optimized for the characteristics of lead-free solder, providing efficient heat transfer and reliable solder joints.

Safety Guidelines

Work in a Well-Ventilated Area: Soldering can produce fumes that may contain potentially harmful substances. It’s crucial to work in a well-ventilated area to minimize exposure. If possible, use a fume extractor or work near an open window or use a fan to improve air circulation.

Wear Safety Gear: Protect yourself by wearing appropriate safety gear, including safety glasses or goggles to shield your eyes from soldering debris or splashes. Additionally, consider wearing heat-resistant gloves to prevent burns and avoid loose clothing that could accidentally come into contact with the soldering iron.

Use a Soldering Iron Stand: Always use the provided soldering iron stand or holder when not actively soldering. This will prevent accidental burns or damage to your work surface. Never lay the soldering iron down on a flammable surface or leave it unattended while it’s hot.

Handle the Soldering Iron with Care: The soldering iron’s tip can reach high temperatures, so exercise caution when handling it. Avoid touching the tip directly with your bare hands, and always use the handle or designated grip area.

Take Breaks: Soldering work can be intricate and time-consuming. Take regular breaks to avoid fatigue and maintain focus. This helps prevent accidental burns or mistakes due to exhaustion.

Work on a Heat-Resistant Surface: Place your workpiece on a heat-resistant surface, such as a soldering mat or ceramic tile, to protect your work surface from damage. This will also reduce the risk of accidental fires or heat transfer to nearby flammable materials.

Keep Flammable Materials Away: Keep flammable materials, such as paper, fabric, and solvents, away from the soldering area. Accidental contact with a hot soldering iron could ignite these materials.

Store Tools Properly: When not in use, store your soldering tools, including the soldering iron and solder, in a safe and organized manner. Keep them away from children and pets to prevent accidents.

Read and Follow Instructions: Familiarize yourself with the user manual or instructions provided with the Weller Lead-Free Soldering Kit. Follow the recommended operating procedures, safety precautions, and maintenance guidelines specified by the manufacturer.

Practice Proper Soldering Techniques: Learn and practice proper soldering techniques to minimize the risk of accidental burns, damage to components, or poor solder joints. Seek guidance or training if you are new to soldering.


Q1: What is the temperature range of the soldering iron in the Weller Lead-Free Soldering Kit?
A1: The temperature range can vary depending on the specific model of the soldering iron included in the kit. Generally, Weller soldering irons have adjustable temperature controls that can reach temperatures between 350°C (662°F) and 450°C (842°F).

Q2: Can I use the Weller Lead-Free Soldering Kit for other soldering applications besides electronics?
A2: Yes, the Weller Lead-Free Soldering Kit can be used for various soldering applications, including electronics, electrical work, jewelry making, and other precision soldering tasks. However, it’s important to ensure that the kit and its components are suitable for your specific application.

Q3: Is the solder included in the kit lead-free?
A3: Yes, the solder included in the Weller Lead-Free Soldering Kit is specifically designed to be lead-free. It complies with environmental regulations and industry standards, such as the RoHS directive.

Q4: Can I change the soldering tips in the Weller Lead-Free Soldering Kit?
A4: Yes, most Weller soldering irons included in the kit have interchangeable tips. This allows you to select different tip shapes and sizes based on your soldering requirements.

Q5: Does the kit come with a warranty?
A5: The warranty coverage for the Weller Lead-Free Soldering Kit may vary depending on the specific model and region. It’s recommended to check the warranty information provided by the manufacturer or seller at the time of purchase.

Q6: Are spare parts available for the soldering iron in the kit?
A6: Weller typically provides spare parts, including replacement tips and heating elements, for their soldering irons. These spare parts can be purchased separately to ensure the longevity and usability of your soldering iron.

Q7: Is the Weller Lead-Free Soldering Kit suitable for beginners?
A7: Yes, the Weller Lead-Free Soldering Kit can be used by beginners as well as experienced soldering enthusiasts. The kit usually comes with user manuals or instructions that provide guidance on soldering techniques and safety precautions. It’s recommended to start with smaller, simple projects and gradually progress to more complex soldering tasks.

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