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Smashers Dino Island Giant Skull by ZURU

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Smash your way to an epic prehistoric adventure with Smashers Dino Island Giant Skull. Smash your skull to smithereens to uncover the 30 hidden surprises inside this action-packed skull! Search through cotton candy foam and super stretchy slime for your dino pieces! Along the way, look out for a pesky pirate figurine and 5 epic smashers mini eggs that hold all new mini characters! You’ll also discover the Golden Dino Skull pencil topper and 6 Smashers stickers amongst your Dino Island treasure. Construct your dino parts before placing the Giant Skull eye inside your dino’s mouth to listen to it ROAR. There are two prehistoric beasts and over 20 mini characters to smash and collect! Will you find the mighty T-Rex or the prehistoric Megalodon shark!? What arrrgh ye waiting for! Get smashing to discover your new dangerously epic Smashers Dino!

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Smashers Dino Island Giant Skull by ZURU is an interactive toy playset designed for children. It is part of the Smashers Dino Island collection created by ZURU, a popular toy manufacturer.

The Giant Skull playset is shaped like a massive dinosaur skull, giving it a prehistoric and adventurous look. It comes with various features and elements that enhance the play experience. The skull is made of durable plastic and features a realistic design, complete with intricate details like teeth, eye sockets, and bone textures.

The playset incorporates the element of surprise and excitement through the “smashing” concept. Included with the Giant Skull are several smaller dinosaur-themed collectible figures known as “Smashers.” These Smashers are made of rubber-like material and are designed to be thrown against hard surfaces, causing them to break open and reveal a hidden surprise inside.

Children can hurl the Smashers against the skull or any other suitable surface, creating a smashing effect and unveiling the hidden surprises. The surprises may include smaller dinosaur figures, collectible accessories, or even rare items to enhance the play experience. Each Smasher has a unique design, adding an element of collectibility and encouraging kids to explore and collect more Smashers.

The Smashers Dino Island Giant Skull by ZURU offers an engaging and imaginative playtime experience for children who enjoy dinosaur-themed toys. It combines elements of surprise, adventure, and collectibility, allowing kids to unleash their creativity and enjoy hours of interactive play.

About Brand

Smashers is a brand created by ZURU, a toy company founded in 2004. ZURU is known for designing, manufacturing, and distributing innovative toys and consumer products worldwide. The company has a diverse range of toy lines that cater to various age groups and interests.

Smashers, in particular, is a popular toy line developed by ZURU. It revolves around the concept of smashing and collecting. The toys in the Smashers collection are designed to be thrown or smashed against hard surfaces, revealing hidden surprises inside. These surprises can include collectible figures, accessories, or other interactive elements.

The Smashers brand offers a range of themes and series, including Smashers Dino, Smashers Sports, Smashers Gross, and more. Each series features its own unique characters, designs, and playsets, adding variety and collectibility to the line.

ZURU focuses on creating toys that are engaging, imaginative, and promote active play. They strive to innovate and bring new experiences to children through their products. The Smashers brand aligns with this goal by offering a fun and interactive playtime experience that combines elements of surprise, creativity, and collectibility.

Overall, ZURU’s Smashers brand has gained popularity among children and toy enthusiasts for its unique concept, variety of themes, and the element of surprise it brings to playtime.

Why Smashers Dino Island Giant Skull by ZURU

Unique Playset Design: The Giant Skull playset is shaped like a massive dinosaur skull, which adds a sense of adventure and realism to the playtime experience. Its large size and intricate details make it visually appealing and engaging for children.

Interactive Smashing Concept: The Smashers Dino Island Giant Skull incorporates the popular smashing concept found in the Smashers toy line. Children can throw the included Smashers figures against the skull or any suitable surface, creating a smashing effect and revealing hidden surprises inside. This interactive element adds excitement and surprise to playtime.

Collectible Characters: The Smashers Dino Island Giant Skull comes with a variety of Smashers figures that children can collect. Each Smasher has its own unique design and can be used to build a collection. Collecting different Smashers encourages children to explore and trade with friends, fostering social interaction and enhancing the play experience.

Dinosaur-Themed Adventure: The Smashers Dino Island Giant Skull is part of the Dino Island series, which focuses on a dinosaur theme. This allows children to immerse themselves in a prehistoric world, unleashing their imagination and creating their own dinosaur adventures.

Quality and Durability: ZURU is known for producing high-quality toys, and the Smashers Dino Island Giant Skull is no exception. It is made from durable plastic, ensuring that it can withstand the rough play and smashing actions of children.

Safety Guidelines

Age Appropriateness: Ensure that the toy is suitable for the age of the child. Pay attention to any age recommendations or warnings provided by the manufacturer.

Supervision: Younger children should be supervised by an adult during playtime to prevent any potential hazards or misuse of the toy.

Small Parts: If the toy includes small parts or accessories, make sure they are kept away from young children who may put them in their mouths. These small parts can pose a choking hazard.

Use as Intended: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines for proper use of the toy. Avoid using the toy in ways that are not intended or could be potentially dangerous.

Surface Safety: When using the smashing feature of the toy, ensure that the surface used for smashing is appropriate and won’t cause harm to the child or others. Avoid using the toy on fragile or breakable surfaces.

Maintenance and Inspection: Regularly inspect the toy for any signs of damage or wear. If any parts are broken or damaged, discontinue use and contact the manufacturer for replacement or repair options.

Cleanliness: Keep the toy clean and free from dirt or debris that could pose a health risk. Follow the cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer.


Q: What is included in the Smashers Dino Island Giant Skull by ZURU?
A: The Smashers Dino Island Giant Skull playset comes with a giant dinosaur skull, a dino egg, a scratch map, a digging tool, a mini-sledgehammer, and 25 surprises, including Smashers figures, bones, and fossils.

Q: How do you use the Smashers Dino Island Giant Skull?
A: Kids can use the included tools to dig and smash the giant skull to uncover the hidden surprises inside, such as collectible Smashers figures.

Q: Is the Smashers Dino Island Giant Skull durable?
A: Yes, the Smashers Dino Island Giant Skull is made of high-quality plastic and is designed to withstand rough play and smashing actions by kids.

Q: What age is the Smashers Dino Island Giant Skull suitable for?
A: The Smashers Dino Island Giant Skull is recommended for children aged 5 years and up.

Q: Can the Smashers figures be collected and traded?
A: Yes, the Smashers figures included in the playset can be collected and traded with friends.

Q: Is the Smashers Dino Island Giant Skull safe for children?
A: Yes, the Smashers Dino Island Giant Skull has been tested and certified for safety according to relevant toy safety standards. However, children should always be supervised during playtime to prevent misuse or potential hazards.

Q: Is the Smashers Dino Island Giant Skull educational?
A: Yes, the Smashers Dino Island Giant Skull encourages children to explore and learn about dinosaurs and fossils while promoting imaginative play and creativity.

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