Purina Pro Plan High Protein, Weight Management Chicken & Rice Formula – Adult Dry Dog Food with Probiotics, Reduced Fat – 34 LBS

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elp your dog achieve and maintain a healthy weight with Purina Pro Plan High Protein, Weight Management Chicken & Rice Formula. This specialized formula features reduced fat, high protein, and probiotics to support weight loss, digestive health, and overall well-being.

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Nourish your adult dog with the balanced nutrition of Purina Pro Plan High Protein, Weight Management Chicken & Rice Formula. Specifically crafted for weight management, this dry dog food combines high-quality chicken, rice, and essential nutrients to support your dog’s overall health. With added probiotics for digestive health and reduced fat content, this formula promotes a healthy weight while ensuring your canine companion enjoys a delicious meal. Available in a convenient 34-pound bag, it’s a choice that supports your dog’s well-being and taste preferences.


  1. High-Quality Protein: Rich in high-quality chicken, this formula provides essential protein to support muscle maintenance and overall canine health.
  2. Weight Management: Tailored for weight management, this dog food helps control calorie intake and promotes a healthy weight for adult dogs.
  3. Probiotics for Digestive Health: Infused with probiotics, the formula supports a healthy digestive system, aiding in nutrient absorption and promoting gut well-being.
  4. Reduced Fat Content: The inclusion of reduced fat content is beneficial for dogs requiring weight management, helping to maintain a healthy body condition.
  5. Balanced Nutrition: Carefully crafted with a blend of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to meet the specific nutritional needs of adult dogs.
  6. Convenient 34-LB Bag: The generous 34-pound bag ensures a lasting supply, providing convenience for pet owners and minimizing the frequency of repurchasing.


  1. Individual Taste Preferences: Dogs may have varying taste preferences, and while most dogs find this formula palatable, individual preferences can differ.
  2. Allergic Reactions: While rare, some dogs may have allergies or sensitivities to specific ingredients. It’s advisable to monitor your dog for any adverse reactions when introducing a new food.
  3. Price Consideration: High-quality ingredients and specialized formulas may come with a higher price tag compared to generic dog foods. Pet owners should consider their budget when choosing dog food.

Key Features:

  • High-Protein Formula: Provides essential amino acids for muscle maintenance during weight loss, ensuring your dog maintains a healthy body composition.

  • Reduced Fat Content: Contains 15% less fat than Purina Pro Plan ESSENTIALS Shredded Blend Chicken & Rice Formula for Adult Dogs, promoting healthy weight management.

  • Fortified with Probiotics: Enriched with guaranteed live probiotics to support digestive health and immune system function.

  • Natural Prebiotic Fiber: Nourishes specific intestinal bacteria for optimal digestive health and nutrient absorption.

  • Omega-6 Fatty Acids and Vitamin A: Promotes a healthy skin and coat while maintaining your dog’s overall health.

Additional Benefits:

  • Suitable for all adult dogs,¬†regardless of breed or size
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • Great taste that dogs love
  • Convenient 34-pound bag

About Purina Pro Plan:

Purina Pro Plan is a leading brand of premium pet food, dedicated to providing dogs and cats with the nutrition they need to thrive. Their research-backed formulas are designed to support optimal health, vitality, and longevity.


  • How often should I feed my dog Purina Pro Plan High Protein, Weight Management Chicken & Rice Formula? The recommended feeding amount depends on your dog’s weight and activity level. Refer to the feeding guidelines on the product packaging for specific recommendations.

  • Can I mix this food with other Purina Pro Plan formulas? Yes, Purina Pro Plan formulas are generally compatible for mixing, allowing you to customize the food to your dog’s preferences and needs.

  • How will this food help my dog lose weight? The reduced fat content and high protein content work together to promote healthy weight management. Additionally, the probiotics and prebiotic fiber support digestive health, which can also contribute to weight loss efforts.

  • What if my dog doesn’t like the taste of this food? Purina Pro Plan offers a variety of weight management formulas, so if your dog is not a fan of this particular one, you can try another option.


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17 Reviews For This Product

  1. 17

    by ellen

    My picky eater loves the dry food. And it is weight management which is a bonus. It is on the recommendation list of ther Food Advisory.

  2. 17

    by JessicaW

    Worth every penny!
    My fur babies love this food! Also, my 10 year old Pit who has digestive issues does wonderful on this chicken and rice weight management blend. He’s finally not gassy all the time and seems to be able to rest more at night now that his belly is more settled after dinner. I’m so grateful we switched to this food!!!

  3. 17

    by Margarita

    Great food for dogs
    My daughter loves this food. He don’t eat dry food by itself but this one he does eat it sometimes he looks at me and asked for more. The only thing on this food is the price there should be more reasonable because it’s pretty expensive but it’s good food for dogs

  4. 17

    by Margarita

    Great dog food and healthy for your dog
    My dog doesn’t love dry food but this food he loves it. Is a great food. I love it. And it is healthy for your dog. Great dog food and you feed less than the other dog food because it satisfy him.

  5. 17

    by Debra

    She licks the bowl
    Emily loves it especially with a little canned chicken breast.

  6. 17

    by Brent

    Leo likes it and he’s down 18 lbs.
    My 7 year old standard Aussie has been on this food for about a year. He started out at 102 lbs.. We stopped in at the vet’s office a couple of weeks ago for a weigh in and he’s down to 84 lbs..
    He gets a little under a cup and a spoonful of Blue Buffalo canned food twice a day and it’s working great for him.

  7. 17

    by marie

    my medium size dog has been putting on the lbs so we put him on this food. its a good brand and dr recommended. he seems to be doing well but the scales will tell. he has an appt tomorrow.

  8. 17

    by Edsmom

    Small kibble size with soft kibbles. Weight stable
    My dog tends to gain weight and he is older, so we have to be careful to watch his weight.
    He loves this food and he’s very picky. He also has a small mouth so this kibble is perfect and he likes the soft pieces the most. His weight has stayed steady and his vet is pleased.
    I think it would improve this food if they put more of the soft bits in. It’s not cheap, but your dog will love it and it does work for us as far as weight control.

  9. 17

    by Nancy2

    Fit and healthy
    We have raised our Weim on pro plan dog foods. But he needs to loose a few pounds. So we now have him on pro plan focus weight management. Same great food but with less fat. He is doing so good and has lost some of that extra fat he did not need to carry. His shine is still there along with all that energy.

  10. 17

    by Bernice

    A good investment for my large 104 lb male dog
    My dog loves this dry dog food. The Large “type” was too powdery to chew..but this is never wasted in the bowl with no waste due to easy consumption and good flavor. I also buy the canned Pro Plan weight management ( when I can afford it) to keep him healthy as well as the low calorie veterinary dog treats by Pro Plan

  11. 17

    by LiLi

    Doggy favorite
    Purina is always fresh %26 our dog loves it!

  12. 17

    by hutch56

    My Dogs love it!
    Been feeding this to my dogs for several years. It keeps their weight down and keeps them healthy. They have great looking coats and no digestive problems.There has never been a recall on it and I feel confident feeding it my “fur kids” .

  13. 17

    by Janice

    New pet food
    Never used before so I hope it works and a dog that will eat it. He is picky

  14. 17

    by Shar

    My boy loves it;
    I got this food for my boy because he’s getting heavy. It’s a great food but I don’t see him losing weight!! ill keep him on it for a few more months.

  15. 17

    by Sheela65

    Online way to go
    Good brand and value! Usually cheaper when order on l8ne and 8 do t have to go to the store and drag it home

  16. 17

    by Farmhouse

    My dog lots of stomach aches . In the bag all dust and grease terrible . I throw away .. never buy kind of dog food . Cost me 57.00. Waste .. not healthy food . Sucker !

  17. 17

    by PAMELA

    This formula has changed. No longer has soft chicken bits and my dog does not like it now. Changed to Blue Buffalo.

High Protein Weight Management

Purina Pro Plan High Protein, Weight Management Chicken & Rice Formula - Adult Dry Dog Food with Probiotics, Reduced Fat - 34 LBS

$81.38$103.72 (-22%)

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