Member’s Mark White Plastic Cutlery Packets (200 ct.) – Effortless Dining

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Member’s Mark White Plastic Cutlery Packets (200 ct.): Convenient, cost-effective, durable, sanitary, and versatile.

Effortless Dining with Member’s Mark White Plastic Cutlery Packets 200 count

Experience the convenience and practicality of Member’s Mark White Plastic Cutlery Packets 200 count, the perfect solution for any event or occasion that requires disposable cutlery. Each packet contains a fork, knife, and spoon, all made from durable, BPA-free plastic material. The white color adds a clean and professional look to any setting, while the bulk pack of 200 ensures you always have enough cutlery on hand.

Key Highlights:

  • Convenient and Easy to Use: Pre-packaged sets make distribution a breeze, eliminating the hassle of searching for individual pieces.

  • Cost-Effective Solution: Bulk purchasing saves you money compared to buying individual pieces.

  • Durable and Reliable: Made from strong plastic that can withstand regular use without breaking or cracking.

  • Sanitary and Individually Wrapped: Each packet keeps the cutlery clean and hygienic until ready to use.

  • Versatile for Any Setting: Ideal for office break rooms, outdoor events, picnics, parties, and more.

Why Choose Member’s Mark White Plastic Cutlery Packets 200 count?

  • Host stress-free gatherings with disposable cutlery that’s always ready to go.

  • Enjoy cost-effective dining solutions without compromising on quality or convenience.

  • Serve your guests with durable cutlery that can handle a variety of foods.

  • Maintain a clean and sanitary environment with individually wrapped packets.

  • Elevate your event’s presentation with sleek, white cutlery that complements any décor.

Safety Guidelines:

  • Avoid Overloading: Use the cutlery only for its intended purpose to prevent breakage or injury.

  • Dispose Properly: Place used cutlery in a trash bin to avoid accidents.

  • Store in a Dry Place: Keep the cutlery dry and cool to maintain hygiene.

  • Follow Food Safety Guidelines: Adhere to basic food safety practices when using disposable cutlery.


  • Are these cutlery packets reusable?

No, these cutlery packets are designed for single-use and should be disposed of after each use.

  • Can these cutlery packets be recycled?

Check with your local recycling program to see if they accept plastic cutlery. Generally, plastic cutlery is not recyclable.

  • Are these cutlery packets BPA-free?

Yes, these cutlery packets are BPA-free, ensuring they are safe for use with food.

  • How many cutlery packets are included in each pack?

Each pack contains 200 individually wrapped packets, each with a fork, knife, and spoon.

  • Are these cutlery packets microwave-safe?

No, these cutlery packets are not microwave-safe and should not be used in the microwave.

  • Can these cutlery packets be used for hot foods?

These cutlery packets are best used for cold or room temperature foods and beverages.

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10 Reviews For This Product

  1. 09

    by First Lutheran Church

    Excellent and convenient
    Product works great for our church’s dinner take-out orders. Very economical.

  2. 09

    by Kims

    To go silverware
    Great set of cutlery with salt and pepper and napkin for the price

  3. 09

    by Joyce Jeff


  4. 09

    by Sturdy


  5. 09

    by Martha Mayer

    Very good product.
    We have been using these weekly for Wednesday night meals at our church since Covid

  6. 09

    by CRS76

    Good Product! Please fix problem areas!
    We order this product frequently. Overall it’s a good product more durable than any other cutlery we’ve tried for big events or dinners. Recently we ordered 5 cases and each case had about 45 cutlery missing the fork in the package. Very frustrating when serving big groups of people expecting everything to be in the packet. Don’t know what’s happened but please fix this problem.

  7. 09

    by Amanda

    Great product
    Fabulous product.. exactly what you need for to go service

  8. 09

    by Yc

    Really snartcto have plastic ware in a sealed bag…i wish that a napkin was included.

  9. 09

    by Patron

    Nice to have everything in one packet

  10. 09

    by Fran

    Everything you need is in package.
    These worked great for food at our golf tournament

Member's Mark White Plastic Cutlery Packets

Member's Mark White Plastic Cutlery Packets (200 ct.) - Effortless Dining

$39.22$44.55 (-12%)

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