Member’s Mark Aluminum Steam Table Pans, 1/3 Size (30 ct.) Pack of 2 – Easy to use

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Member’s Mark Aluminum Steam Table Pans: Durable, disposable 1/3-size pans for serving side dishes, appetizers, or entrees. Pack of 2, 30 count each.

Member’s Mark Aluminum Steam Table Pans: Your Versatile and Convenient Catering Solution

Enhance your catering or buffet service with the Member’s Mark Aluminum Steam Table Pans, 1/3 Size (30 count) Pack of 2. These durable and disposable pans are ideal for serving a variety of side dishes, appetizers, or smaller portions of entrees. Crafted from high-quality aluminum, these pans ensure even heat distribution, keeping your food warm and appetizing for longer.

Key Highlights:

  • Effortless Convenience: Enjoy the convenience of disposable pans, eliminating the hassle of cleanup and post-event chores.

  • Durable and Reliable: Made from sturdy aluminum, these pans withstand the rigors of catering, buffets, and other food service settings.

  • Versatility for Every Dish: The 1/3-size pans are perfectly sized for a wide range of culinary creations, from side dishes and appetizers to smaller portions of main courses.

  • Even Heat Distribution: Experience consistent and even heat distribution, ensuring your food cooks evenly and stays warm throughout.

  • Cost-effective Solution: Stock up with two packs of 30 pans, providing a practical and affordable option for your catering or buffet needs.

Why Choose Member’s Mark Aluminum Steam Table Pans 1/3 Size 30 count Pack of 2?

  • Streamline your catering or buffet setup and cleanup with disposable pans that simplify your workflow.

  • Serve your culinary creations with confidence in the durability and heat retention of aluminum pans.

  • Cater to diverse palates with 1/3-size pans, ideal for a variety of dishes and portion sizes.

  • Ensure even cooking and warm serving temperatures with the superior heat conduction of aluminum.

  • Enjoy the cost savings of bulk purchasing without compromising on quality or performance.

Safety Guidelines:

  • Follow proper ventilation: Use the pans in a well-ventilated area to prevent inhaling fumes from cooking.

  • Avoid direct contact with acidic foods: Use liners or barriers, such as parchment paper or silicone mats, to prevent acidic foods from reacting with aluminum.

  • Handle with care: Use oven mitts or gloves when handling hot pans to avoid burns.

  • Dispose responsibly: Discard used pans properly after use, either in the trash or recycling bin, according to local regulations.

  • Avoid reusing pans: These pans are designed for single-use and should not be reused to prevent metal leaching into food.


  • Can these pans be used in the oven?

Yes, these pans can be used in the oven. However, always follow manufacturer instructions for temperature limits and safety precautions.

  • Are these pans recyclable?

Yes, these pans are made from recyclable aluminum. Check with your local recycling program for specific guidelines.

  • Are these pans microwave-safe?

No, these pans are not microwave-safe. They are intended for use in steam tables or in the oven.

  • How do I store these pans?

Store these pans in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Keep them in their original packaging or a sealed plastic bag to protect them from moisture and dust.

  • Can these pans be used to freeze food?

While these pans can withstand cold temperatures, they are not intended for use in the freezer. Freezing food in these pans can cause them to warp or crack. Transfer

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10 Reviews For This Product

  1. 09

    by weddingcaterer

    Works great
    Works great

  2. 09

    by Chef

    Quarter Pans
    These come in handy and are strong , but it does not have lids

  3. 09

    by Home Wife

    Perfect size
    Love love these small pans as I can make perfect smaller portions

  4. 09

    by Lena LU

    My Go To Pan
    Perfect for dont have to wash dishes.

  5. 09

    by Shirley 19

    Hold up great with heavy food
    Heavy duty and perfect for price

  6. 09

    by Dee Cee

    Aluminum pans
    1/3 size pans are great.

  7. 09

    by Johnson

    Perfect for when grilling out
    Bought for use when we grill, serves its purpose. Sturdy, disposable pans.

  8. 09

    by Janelle

    3rd pans
    This is the perfect size for smaller portions of food

  9. 09

    by Kat

    Great Deal
    Nice Heavy Duty pans at a GREAT Price

  10. 09

    by Sandy

    Foil 1/4 pans
    These foil pans are the perfect size. I love the convenience to fit several in the bbq grill to cook veggies during grilling meat at the same time

Member's Mark Aluminum Steam Table Pans

Member's Mark Aluminum Steam Table Pans, 1/3 Size (30 ct.) Pack of 2 - Easy to use

$32.79$38.48 (-15%)

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