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Enfamil NeuroProCare Infant Formula, Milk-based Powder with Iron (20.7 oz., 2 pk.)

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  • Complete nutrition for babies through 12 months
  • Includes Beta Carotene for baby’s eye health
  • Triple Prebiotic Immune Blend: Includes 2’-FL HMO, PDX, and GOS
  • Expert Recommended DHA: Provides brain-building nutrition
  • Brain-Building Nutrition: Get brain building nutrition inspired by breast milk
  • Enfamil – #1 Infant formula recommended by Pediatricians
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Enfamil NeuroProCare Infant Formula is a milk-based powder formula designed to provide complete nutrition for infants. It contains iron and is suitable for babies from birth up to 12 months old. The formula is manufactured by Mead Johnson Nutrition, a company that specializes in creating nutritional products for infants and children.

The NeuroProCare formula is enriched with a unique blend of nutrients, including MFGM (milk fat globule membrane), which is clinically proven to support cognitive development. The formula also contains DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid that is essential for brain development, and Choline, which supports brain and nervous system development.

This product comes in a 2-pack, each canister containing 20.7 ounces of powder. The powder is easy to mix with water to create a smooth and consistent formula that can be easily digested by infants. The formula is also designed to be gentle on the baby’s stomach, and it does not contain any artificial flavors, sweeteners, or colors.

About Brand

Enfamil is a brand of infant formula and nutritional products that are designed to support the healthy growth and development of babies and young children. The brand is owned by Mead Johnson Nutrition, which is a global leader in infant and children’s nutrition.

Enfamil offers a range of formula options, including milk-based formulas, soy-based formulas, and specialized formulas for babies with unique nutritional needs. The brand also offers a variety of products designed to support the nutritional needs of infants and young children, such as vitamin and mineral supplements, probiotics, and infant cereal.

Enfamil products are developed by a team of experts, including pediatricians, nutritionists, and other healthcare professionals, who work to ensure that each product provides the essential nutrients that babies and young children need for healthy growth and development. The brand has a long history of innovation and research, and it continues to invest in new technologies and scientific discoveries to improve the nutritional quality of its products.

Why Enfamil NeuroProCare Infant Formula Milk-based Powder with Iron 20.7 ounce 2 pack

Enriched with essential nutrients: The formula is enriched with a unique blend of nutrients, including MFGM, DHA, and choline, which are clinically proven to support cognitive development.

Milk-based: The formula is milk-based, which is a good choice for infants who do not have a sensitivity or allergy to dairy products. It is also easy to digest and provides a good source of protein and calcium.

Contains iron: The formula is fortified with iron, which is an essential mineral that helps support healthy brain development and prevents iron-deficiency anemia.

Trusted brand: Enfamil is a well-known and trusted brand that has been providing high-quality infant formulas for many years. Parents can feel confident in the quality and safety of the products.

Easy to prepare: The powder formula is easy to prepare by mixing with water, making it convenient for parents who are on the go or who want to have a supply of formula on hand.

Safety Guidelines

Follow the instructions carefully: Always follow the instructions provided on the package carefully when preparing the formula. Use the recommended amount of water and powder, and do not add any additional ingredients.

Ensure hygiene: Always wash your hands before preparing the formula and sterilize all utensils, bottles, and nipples that will come in contact with the formula. Use clean and safe drinking water to prepare the formula.

Use within expiration date: Check the expiration date on the package before use and do not use any formula that has expired.

Do not dilute: Do not add extra water or dilute the formula in any way, as this can lead to nutritional imbalances and harm the baby’s health.

Store properly: Store the formula in a cool, dry place, and do not expose it to moisture or direct sunlight. Once opened, use the formula within one month.

Seek medical advice: If your baby has any medical conditions or concerns, always consult a pediatrician before using any formula.


How do I prepare Enfamil NeuroProCare Infant Formula?
A: Mix one scoop of powder formula with two ounces of water, and shake or stir until the powder is dissolved. Add the remaining water to make a total of four or eight ounces of formula, depending on your baby’s age and feeding needs.

Can I refrigerate prepared Enfamil NeuroProCare Infant Formula?
A: Yes, prepared formula can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours. Do not freeze the prepared formula, as this can harm the nutritional quality.

Is Enfamil NeuroProCare Infant Formula suitable for babies with lactose intolerance?
A: Enfamil NeuroProCare Infant Formula is a milk-based formula that contains lactose, which is a natural sugar found in milk. It may not be suitable for babies with lactose intolerance or sensitivity to dairy products. Parents should consult a pediatrician before using any formula for their baby.

Can I switch from another brand of formula to Enfamil NeuroProCare Infant Formula?
A: Yes, you can switch from another brand of formula to Enfamil NeuroProCare Infant Formula. However, it is recommended to gradually transition over a period of several days to help prevent digestive upset.

Is Enfamil NeuroProCare Infant Formula suitable for premature babies?
A: Enfamil NeuroProCare Infant Formula is suitable for full-term infants and may also be used for premature babies. However, premature babies may require specialized formulas that are specifically designed to meet their unique nutritional needs. Parents should consult a pediatrician before using any formula for their premature baby.

Does Enfamil NeuroProCare Infant Formula contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs)?
A: Enfamil NeuroProCare Infant Formula may contain ingredients derived from genetically modified crops, such as corn or soy. However, the formula meets the regulatory standards for safety and nutritional quality set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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