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DNA My Dog Breed ID Testing Kit

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  • Discover your dog’s unique breed composition
  • Learn your dog’s genetic health concerns and predisposition to disease
  • Understand the unique personality and behavioral traits of your dog
  • Receive your results in just two weeks or less


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DNA My Dog Breed ID Testing Kit is a kit used to determine the breed(s) of a dog through DNA analysis. The kit typically includes a swab for collecting a sample of the dog’s saliva, which is then sent to a laboratory for analysis. The results provide a genetic profile of the dog, including information on its breed(s) and other genetic traits. The kit is used by pet owners, breeders, and animal shelters to gain insight into a dog’s background and potential health issues.

About Brand

DNA My Dog is a brand that offers DNA testing kits for dogs. The brand’s focus is on providing a simple and affordable way for dog owners to learn about their pet’s breed, ancestry, and potential health issues. DNA My Dog’s testing kits are easy to use, with clear instructions on how to collect a DNA sample and send it to the laboratory for analysis. The brand is known for its accuracy and reliable results, providing dog owners with valuable information about their pet’s genetics. In addition to breed identification, the brand offers a range of other DNA tests, including tests for health issues and genetic predispositions.

Why DNA My Dog Breed ID Testing Kit

Determining Breed: The kit helps dog owners determine the breed(s) of their pet, providing insight into their dog’s background and heritage.

Health Information: Knowing a dog’s breed can help predict potential health issues and genetic predispositions, allowing owners to take proactive measures to ensure their pet’s well-being.

Resolving Adoption Questions: For adopted dogs, the testing kit can provide information on the dog’s breed, which can help determine its size, temperament, and other characteristics.

Confirming Purebred Status: For breeders, the testing kit can confirm the purebred status of a dog, which is important in ensuring the integrity of the breed.

Satisfying Curiosity: Many pet owners are simply curious about their dog’s breed and heritage, and the DNA My Dog testing kit provides a convenient and accurate way to satisfy this curiosity.

Safety Guidelines

Follow Collection Instructions: Make sure to follow the instructions carefully when collecting a DNA sample from your dog, as improper collection may result in inaccurate results.

Avoid Contact with Eyes: When collecting a DNA sample, avoid contact with your dog’s eyes, as this can cause discomfort and eye irritation.

Store Kit Safely: Store the kit out of reach of children and pets, as the contents may be harmful if ingested.

Dispose of Samples Properly: Once the DNA sample has been collected, make sure to dispose of it properly, according to the instructions provided with the kit.

Contact the Manufacturer: If you experience any issues with the kit or have any questions, contact the manufacturer for assistance.


How does it work?
The kit involves collecting a DNA sample from your dog (usually through a cheek swab) and sending it to a laboratory for analysis. The laboratory will compare the DNA sample to a database of breeds and determine the most likely breeds present in your dog.
What breeds can be identified?
The number of breeds that can be identified by DNA tests varies between companies, but most tests can identify over 200 breeds. Some tests claim to identify over 350 breeds.
How accurate are these tests?
The accuracy of DNA breed tests can vary. Factors that can affect accuracy include the size of the breed database used, the quality of the DNA sample, and the methods used by the laboratory. In general, DNA tests are considered to be a useful tool for determining a dog’s breed, but they should not be considered 100% accurate.
How long does it take to get results?
The length of time it takes to get results can vary between companies, but most DNA breed tests take 2-4 weeks to produce results.
Is a DNA test necessary for determining a dog’s breed?
No, a DNA test is not necessary for determining a dog’s breed. Visual observations and a dog’s physical characteristics can often provide clues as to its breed. However, a DNA test can provide a more definitive answer and can help to determine a dog’s breed if it is a mixed breed.
Is a DNA test necessary for determining a dog’s health?
No, a DNA breed test does not provide information about a dog’s health. For information about a dog’s health, it is recommended to consult with a veterinarian.

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