BLACK+DECKER HNVC220BCZ00 Dustbuster Lithium Hand Vacuum

10 reviews
  • Designed for quick + easy cordless cleaning. Ideal for quick clean-ups and spills.
  • The lightweight + portable design makes this easy to use
    Included charging wall mount and base allows for 1 step charging and storage.
  • The translucent, bagless dirt bowl makes it easy to see the dirt level and is easy to empty.
  • Included crevice tool gives you access to hard-to-reach areas.
  • Included brush lets you use the vacuum for dusting + on upholstery.
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The BLACK+DECKER HNVC220BCZ00 Dustbuster Lithium Hand Vacuum is a compact and portable vacuum cleaner designed for quick and convenient cleaning tasks. It is part of the Dustbuster series by BLACK+DECKER, known for their reliable and efficient handheld vacuum cleaners.

One of the standout features of this model is its lithium-ion battery, which provides strong suction power and longer runtime compared to traditional cordless vacuums. This allows you to tackle various cleaning jobs without interruption. The vacuum also comes with a charging base that keeps it organized and ensures that it’s always ready for use.

The HNVC220BCZ00 Dustbuster features a sleek and ergonomic design, making it comfortable to hold and maneuver. It has a wide mouth design, allowing it to efficiently pick up both small and large debris. Additionally, it comes with a flip-up brush and a crevice tool, which can be easily attached for targeted cleaning in tight spaces or on upholstery.

About Brand

BLACK+DECKER is a well-known brand in the power tools and home appliances industry. It has a long history and is recognized for its quality and innovative products. Here’s some information about the brand:

History: BLACK+DECKER was founded in 1910 by S. Duncan Black and Alonzo G. Decker as a small machine shop in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Initially, the company focused on manufacturing machines, and it gained popularity with the invention of the portable electric drill in 1917. Over the years, BLACK+DECKER expanded its product range and became a leading brand in power tools, home improvement, and home appliances.

Product Range: BLACK+DECKER offers a wide range of products, including power tools, outdoor power equipment, home cleaning appliances, small kitchen appliances, and more. Their power tool lineup includes drills, saws, sanders, and various other tools for woodworking, construction, and DIY projects. In the home appliance category, they offer vacuum cleaners, steam mops, irons, coffee makers, blenders, toasters, and many other household essentials.

Why BLACK+DECKER HNVC220BCZ00 Dustbuster Lithium Hand Vacuum

Portability: The HNVC220BCZ00 is designed to be compact and lightweight, making it highly portable. Its handheld design allows you to easily carry it around your home or take it on-the-go to clean various areas, including stairs, upholstery, and even your car.

Lithium-Ion Battery: This model features a lithium-ion battery, which provides strong and consistent suction power. Compared to traditional cordless vacuums, the lithium-ion battery offers longer runtime, allowing you to complete cleaning tasks without frequent recharging.

Versatile Cleaning: The HNVC220BCZ00 Dustbuster comes with attachments such as a flip-up brush and a crevice tool. These attachments enable you to clean different surfaces and reach tight spaces effectively. Whether you need to remove crumbs from your kitchen countertop or pet hair from your furniture, this hand vacuum provides versatility for various cleaning applications.

Easy Maintenance: The vacuum has a bagless dirt bowl with a capacity of approximately 12.5 ounces (370 ml). This means you won’t have to worry about constantly replacing bags. The transparent design of the dirt bowl allows you to see when it’s time to empty it, making maintenance quick and hassle-free.

Brand Reputation: BLACK+DECKER is a reputable brand known for producing reliable and high-quality products. By choosing the HNVC220BCZ00 Dustbuster, you can expect a well-designed and durable hand vacuum that meets your cleaning needs.

Safety Guidelines

Read the Manual: Before using the vacuum, thoroughly read and understand the user manual provided by BLACK+DECKER. The manual contains important safety instructions specific to the HNVC220BCZ00 model.

Power Source: The HNVC220BCZ00 Dustbuster is powered by a lithium-ion battery. Only use the charger provided by BLACK+DECKER to charge the vacuum. Avoid using incompatible chargers or power sources, as it may lead to battery damage or other hazards.

Charging Safety: When charging the vacuum, ensure that the charging base is placed on a stable surface away from water or other liquids. Follow the charging instructions provided in the user manual and do not overcharge the battery.

Operating Environment: Use the vacuum in a well-ventilated area. Avoid using it in wet or damp environments to prevent the risk of electric shock or damage to the device. The HNVC220BCZ00 Dustbuster is designed for dry debris and light cleaning tasks.

Proper Handling: Hold the vacuum securely and avoid excessive force or rough handling. Do not carry the vacuum by its nozzle or accessories. Always use the handle provided for a firm grip.

Clearing Blockages: If the vacuum becomes clogged or blocked during use, turn it off and unplug it from the power source before attempting to clear the blockage. Use the provided tools or follow the instructions in the manual to safely remove the obstruction.

Cleaning and Maintenance: Before cleaning or performing any maintenance on the vacuum, make sure it is switched off and unplugged. Follow the instructions in the manual for cleaning the dust bowl and filters. Regularly inspect the vacuum for any signs of damage or wear and replace any worn-out parts or accessories.

Storage: When not in use, store the vacuum in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture. Keep it out of reach of children and pets to prevent accidental operation or damage.


Q1: How long does the battery of the HNVC220BCZ00 Dustbuster last?
A1: The battery runtime may vary depending on the usage and the cleaning mode selected. However, the lithium-ion battery in the HNVC220BCZ00 Dustbuster provides longer runtime compared to traditional cordless vacuums, allowing you to tackle cleaning tasks without frequent recharging.

Q2: Can I use the HNVC220BCZ00 Dustbuster to clean wet surfaces?
A2: No, the HNVC220BCZ00 Dustbuster is designed for dry debris and light cleaning tasks. It is not intended for cleaning wet surfaces or liquids. Using it on wet surfaces may cause damage to the vacuum and pose a safety risk.

Q3: How do I clean the dirt bowl and filters of the HNVC220BCZ00 Dustbuster?
A3: To clean the dirt bowl, remove it from the vacuum and empty the contents into a waste bin. You can rinse the dirt bowl with water and mild detergent, if needed. Allow it to dry completely before reattaching it to the vacuum. Refer to the user manual for detailed instructions on cleaning and maintaining the filters.

Q4: Can I use the HNVC220BCZ00 Dustbuster for cleaning my car’s interior?
A4: Yes, the HNVC220BCZ00 Dustbuster is suitable for cleaning your car’s interior. It comes with attachments such as a crevice tool and flip-up brush, which are helpful for reaching tight spaces and removing debris from upholstery. It provides a convenient solution for quick cleanups in your vehicle.

Q5: Does the HNVC220BCZ00 Dustbuster come with a warranty?
A5: Warranty terms may vary depending on your location and the retailer you purchase the product from. It is recommended to check the warranty information provided by BLACK+DECKER or consult the retailer for specific details about the warranty coverage for the HNVC220BCZ00 Dustbuster.

Q6: How do I store the HNVC220BCZ00 Dustbuster?
A6: When not in use, store the HNVC220BCZ00 Dustbuster in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture. You can use the charging base provided to keep the vacuum organized and charged. Make sure to keep it out of reach of children and pets.

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